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We are Nadis, one of the leading organizations in the world of Water Treatment Chemistries helping industries function efficiently with our empirical solutions without exceeding companies’ budget in the bargain. We have a credible portfolio of renowned industry names that have availed of our consultancy and concomitant chemical treatments. We have helped them to scale down their capital expenditures by reducing the malfunction of critical units in their industrial plants.

Our company harnesses the collective knowledge, expertise, and skill of chemical scientists, analytical researchers, and engineers to test, formulate and ultimately create chemicals and methodologies that assure stability, safety, and reliability across system operations and allows the system to function at optimum levels for extended duration of time without compromising its operational capabilities.

We collaborate with you to understand the particular dynamics of your industrial issues and funnel our efforts to create a chemical treatment that minimizes system downtime that consequently boosts productivity and improves the lifespan of your company’s capital assets.

We tackle each business and industrial case separately with cogent approaches and methods instead of marketing a list of chemicals aggressively; that although are proven in one sector might be ineffectual in another case if a detailed analysis has not been conducted in the first place. We have been consulted by small, medium, and large players from different industrial segments because of this very approach, which has, given us a sizeable portion of the market.

Nadis believes in order to propel your business forward; to keep you ahead in the game and in return stay ourselves ahead, we must constantly devise better technologies that will provide effective and long-term solutions helping you surpass previous outcomes.


We aim to become one of the leading water treatment companies by providing one of the highest caliber water treatment solutions to all industrial sectors in the market.


We meet the water treatment requisites of discrete industries with our proven chemicals that effectively aid in the running of crucial units and give our customers a market edge by reducing major costs. Our water technologists have a stellar track record in maintaining system efficiency at its highest levels with their analytical skills and regimented monitoring.

Our R&D teams are working to further enhance the potency of our treatment programs and to introduce a new range of cost-effective & green chemistry formulations to the arena that will not only counter system downtime and system performance issues efficiently but curtail the hazardous non-biodegradable materials to save our ecosystem.

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