Commitment to Environment

Water covers three-quarters of the earth’s surface, however, only two and a half percent accounts for freshwater reserves, out of which just around 1% is available for domestic and industrial usage since the rest is locked in glaciers or snowfields. Industries especially the power sectors and the refineries need mega volumes of water per day to meet their production needs and to function efficiently. However, the freshwater reserves are depleting rapidly, even faster than the overtaxed fossil fuel reserves contributing to water crisis resulting in water conflicts in the world.

The major factor compounding water scarcity issues is the drastic increase in greenhouse emissions–the primary contributor for global warming which is the immediate result of mass industrialization, the explosive growth of population and the concomitant expansion of agricultural land. The global warming phenomenon has triggered climatic change, affecting precipitation and its natural cycle causing droughts that are projected to take over significant wetlands in the near future.

Nadis has been working hand in hand with industries by creating tailored chemical solutions for the treatment of available water sources in absence of reliable clean water to obtain a consistent flow of potable water; pure water and ultra-pure water for specific industrial processes. We help industries in optimizing the quality of water to fulfill their large water requirements reducing the strain on freshwater reserves in communities and treat industrial effluents to negate the effects of the toxins before they are released into the environment.