Wastewater Treatment

Over the last few decades, industries have gone through major changes and upheavals to accommodate the needs and demands of an ever-rising population which has, on one hand, led to outstanding development in almost every technological field and given manifold returns on investment by propelling industries forward with remarkable economical and financial growth but on the downside, it has played havoc with our environment.

Water reserves have been drained at an unprecedented rate since water plays an integral role in the running and operating of industrial plants and commercial installations and that too in tremendous quantities. It leads to a chain reaction–We use more water to produce more and create more waste and more industrial wastewater, which ultimately is drained to the water sources or accumulates in landfills in the form of sludge one way or the other.

The water waste from the industries endangers human life, the eco-system and continues to pollute the diminishing water resources. The only course of action left to pursue is to adopt strategies and applications that help industries cut back their water usage by optimizing the available water–any and every kind–so it can be utilized efficiently.

Opting to reuse and recycle wastewater in as many divergent ways as possible in order to reduce the effluent discharge from industries but also to improve its quality by the removal of hazardous substances from it so it can be channeled through the system again for secondary purposes is at the core of Nadis chemicals.

Wastewater treatment for reuse is one of the viable solutions that is already implemented and made integral across a multitude of industries, especially in the developed world to create better environments and also to address the water woes faced by every other industry. Others–industries or municipalities– are in the pursuit to treat their wastewater to meet the stringent waste requirements in order to curtail heavy fines that are incurred as penalties.

Nadis has a broad line of advanced chemicals formulated to address all kinds of wastewater in all major industries. Our team of engineers and chemical experts have worked in different industries across the globe and helped in the precise analysis, monitoring and implementation of unique chemical solutions for treating distinct kinds of industrial effluents.

Our wastewater treatment chemicals are designed to remove and treat effluents for suspended solids, heavy metals, emulsions, organic particulates that can lead to airborne bacteria and affect the ambient air creating hazardous work areas for the operating staff. Nadis chemical formulations offer treatments for controlling and cleaning industrial wastewater and minimizes major costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep of such industrial units by neutralizing the effects of toxins requiring less service and repair to capital fixtures in the long haul, positively affecting the balance sheet and financial statements.

Coagulants & Flocculants Chemical Treatment

Nadis wastewater treatment encompasses a range of coagulants that serve to separate liquid and solid waste by bringing the tiny particles of fine solid waste matter together in settable masses (floc), aiding in its removal through sedimentation and filtration stages or through dissolved gas flotation (DGF) units.  Our cost-effective coagulants are designed to function in the harshest types of wastewater chemistries and effectively break up oil-water emulsions to provide enhanced clarification in water and wastewater treatment plants.

Our range of flocculants is based on advanced formulations that when used in conjunction with our coagulant chemistries improve water coloration by removing turbidity to a significant extent which is facilitated by an increased rate of floc settlement or through increased flotation rate in clarification and flotation applications respectively.

Antifoaming & Defoaming Performance Chemicals

Nadis has created an array of antifoaming and defoaming agents to reduce work hazards associated with wastewater foaming. Our chemical products are designed to mitigate the number of airborne bacteria that pose health risks to the workforce and to protect the infrastructure and equipment against erosion and corrosion respectively since foam contains hazardous substances, reducing maintenance and labor cost.

Our series of performance chemicals protect the pump from cavitations that erode impeller surfaces due to the formation of excessive bubbling, requiring repair and overhaul earlier than necessary, resulting in undue financial expenses.

Wastewater Odor Control Chemicals

Controlling wastewater odor to comply with environmental regulations for hygiene standards that lower the percentage of airborne pollutants in the air, creating a good impact on the surrounding community, as well as, promoting the health and safety of the workforce, can all be achieved in an economical way by the utilization of odor control chemistries formulated and created by Nadis.

Our all-encompassing portfolio of odor control chemicals can be easily implemented for treating process water and wastewater in municipalities as well as the process water of industries that have to measure up to a stringent set of criteria to become compatible with industry water purity requirements.


Bioaugmentation is the process that introduces a specific bacteria package to further eliminate, decompose and degrade harmful contaminants in the wastewater, making it environmentally safer for discharge into the natural water resources. Nadis bioaugmentation programs are tailored to increase the rapidity of biological decomposition of organic compounds and ammonia compounds in the secondary stage of wastewater treatment. Our comprehensive products incorporate concentrated variations of natural bacteria and fungi that have been enhanced and supplemented with the aid of specialized enzymes and nutrients. Nadis microorganism blends help in the biodegradation of oil-in-water emulsions. Our formulations encapsulate all the stages of aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment processes that largely reduce the level of sludge and cuts down on cost.

Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals

There are several toxic metals in wastewater that do not naturally degrade and are hazardous to aquatic and animal life, even at low concentration levels. Nadis offers highly-effective chemical formulations to ensure that the wastewater treatment performed by the industrial work force will reduce the heavy metals in the outgoing waste stream that meets the regulatory criteria. The metals that will be captured and removed will include soluble to heavy metal particles of lead, copper, chromium, iron, mercury, zinc, and other metals that are usually found in the wastewaters of industries.