Chemical Industries

Industries face multipronged issues and the chemical industry is no exception; potential influent problems that arise due to inconsistent water quality and are notched up higher due to water scarcity, strictly regulated effluent requirements, and emission standards, and, the exceeding cost of reconditioning major units and plant equipment. Nadis teams with you to implement the right water solution across your operations that delivers a stable water throughput, of the quality that is mandatory for the production and manufacture of even the most basic types of chemicals without stretching your budgetary goals.

Nadis tailors chemical treatments to deal with the complex water and wastewater challenges that are unique to the chemical industry producing visible enhancements in the productivity of industrial operations.

The heaviest consumption of water is directed towards the cooling of the process fluid, circulated to cool down reaction vessels and equipment which are heated up during chemical processes, to maintain the desired temperatures necessary for product composition and its quality. Usually, tube side in a shell & tube heat exchangers are employed for this purpose, however, in certain chemical processes, the shell side is necessary which is more susceptible to deposition problems due to its design and low velocity areas. With Nadis, you can boost the heat exchanger efficiency by controlling the deposition of alkaline particulates and prevent corrosion and bacterial growth which builds underneath the deposit layers.

The chemical industry also uses water as steam for providing heat energy in various applications and in many cases for the production of electric energy and operates low-pressure to high-pressure boilers depending on industrial and operational requisites. Ensuring water quality is of prime importance for optimum efficiency of steam boiler systems and to avoid capital costs that erupt if water quality is not controlled effectively. Nadis optimizes the boiler performance with cost-effective chemical water treatments that deliver purified water for maximum efficiency, aid in the reuse of water flows and reduce the consumption of water. We assist you in lowering the toxicity of your wastewater and effluents and help you reach better effluent discharge limits.