Petroleum Industries

Crude Oil extraction comprises of complex processes leading to the refining and transformation of the fossil fuel into diverse products such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), petroleum naphtha, kerosene, asphalt base, jet fuel, gasoline, heating oil, and fuel oils.

In recent years, the petroleum industry has been burdened with a number of economic and environmental challenges and water or rather its critical shortage is on top of this list. The use of saline water sources amid effluent discharge restrictions is compounding the situation further.

Other contenders include changing product demand ratio, restrictive financial budgets, rising costs for the upkeep of refineries, shifting regulatory guidelines and uncertain future market trends which have notched up the risks related to the management of industrial operations.

The operational problems across the petroleum sector are posed due to desalting, fouling, oxidation of wastewater, deactivation of catalysts, and corrosion in capital equipment among others and heavily rely on the variations in crude oil and upon the integration of refinery complex and subsequent units.

The petroleum Industry can also lose its economic advantage that is possible on the refining of inexpensive variants of crude oil if key areas are not analyzed and monitored critically. Nadis has been developing and implementing its chemical solutions that target the challenging aspects of your refining operations and help you maintain a constant supply of water at a nominal fraction of the total operational cost.

Nadis continues in its efforts to create streamlined water solutions with its superior chemical product range that help in water conservation and also aid in efficient energy use. Our engineering division ensures operation reliability that yields optimum production levels by isolating critical factors in operations and applying our blend of chemical formulations to address specific challenges that take individual processing units and the refinery configuration into account at the same time to deliver cost-effective solutions and optimizing production quality and quantity.