Power Industries

Nadis understands the problems and issues that the power industry among other industries encounters on a day to day basis to generate electric power from fossil fuels in thermal power plants or through nuclear reactions in nuclear power plants. We address the primal cause–Water–of the disintegration of major power assets affecting unscheduled shutdowns that interrupts the power supply network.

The Power Sector harnesses the highest percentage of water that is earmarked for industrial distribution and utilizes the largest portion in cooling the exhaust turbines and other critical assets in the power plants. Such huge water requirements put tremendous pressure on the diminishing freshwater reserves, forcing the power industry to look for alternate water treatment solutions to access saline water and to recycle and reuse their water and wastewater in a world facing severe water scarcity. Nadis complements your Reverse Osmosis Water Systems with its advanced chemical formulations and ensures an unhindered supply of purified process water for steam boiler systems for combined cycles, cogeneration, and nuclear plants.

Our diversified range of chemical treatments encompass once-through cooling systems, open recirculating cooling systems, and closed recirculating cooling systems ensuring maximum output without undermining the systems’ capabilities in any way. We harness the collective experience and expertise of our engineering teams to administer chemical regimens across your cooling towers and steam boilers to resolve existing issues that are impeding the cooling efficiency of heat transfer units and are the cause of dissipation of thermal energy which results in the loss of the steam output, affecting your productivity severely.

Nadis tackles the demand for high-purity water with innovative chemical solutions that prevent scaling and microbiological growth while keeping corrosion in check throughout the water system. Our chemical programs aim to align you with environmental regulations on waste discharge limits by recommending green products for treatment. Nadis goes beyond treating water and gives you optimal performance from your power plant assets that transcend limitations on your financial growth.