The Institutional and Commercial Industries

Nadis water treatment provides hospitality, health care, academic institutions and all kinds of commercial units with specially formulated chemistries that optimize water, increasing HVAC efficiency, reducing service and maintenance upkeep, and help in the economic usage of fuel producing tangible results in your financial statements. Our water solutions are grounded in the principles of safety, reliability and cost savings along with people’s comfort.

Nadis chemical application teams assess your facilities routinely to maintain optimum performance from your cooling towers, chilling units, and steam boiler systems and also facilitate emergency services providing complete support at all stages of your system operations.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) utilizing water, employed in for example; shopping centers among other commercial buildings pose similar problems common to industrial plant systems and can destabilize or result in failure due to corrosion, scale, fouling, and microbial growth.

Since these factors may directly affect the health of people, especially in critical units in hospitals, compared to industrial plants, Nadis takes preemptive measures with its enhanced chemicals to ensure your heating and cooling system does not encounter such issues midway, ensuring safety and productivity with special emphasis on lowering budget cost to garner high return on investment (ROI).

The HVAC system consumes the largest amount of electricity in such industries and the objective of a tailored chemical treatment program is clear-cut; optimize water and maintain clean cooling and heating surfaces, especially, since the system goes through mechanical stress due to intermittent heating and cooling requirements.

With Nadis, the HVAC system delivers the optimum output and runs for extended lengths without shortening the asset life, and clean internal and external heat transfer surfaces limit the demand for fuel energy effectively. We drive down feed water and makeup costs, going beyond effective water treatment solutions with our chemistries. We help you in the conservation of water and fuel energy helping you comply with environmental regulations while ensuring extended life from your heating and cooling system.